White House Uses TikTok Influencers For Propaganda And Narrative

No one said that Democrats were not effective at using the same old playbook when it comes to getting their narrative and bias across any messaging system they can.

Want to use kids to pull at the heartstrings of parents? Done.

Want to use young people who don't know any better to prop up an agenda you are pushing? Done.

Now the White House has decided to use TikTok influencers to push their messaging on Russia/Ukraine along with high gas prices and inflation.

They want everyone to know that the fault is squarely on Vladimir Putin while completely ignoring the failed policies of the Biden Administration that helped out our country in this huge economic and energy crisis.

If you are getting your news from TikTok influencers just think about how tragic of a statement that really is. Want to get the news? Do the research instead of consuming headlines and looking forward to a short video filled with pomp and circumstance to be informed.

Do that little bit of work and maybe you won't be considered a lemming blindly following nonsense.

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