Ketanji Brown Jackson Should Not Be Confirmed To SCOTUS

Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson was the obvious pick of the Joe Biden Administration as he proclaimed from his first day in office that he was going to nominate an African-American woman to be confirmed to SCOTUS the first chance he got. That opportunity came up with the retirement of Justice Stephen Breyer. Ketanji Brown Jackson was his former law clerk and was the obvious choice for the vacancy according to the Left. It "checked all the boxes" when it came to the optics as well as the "qualifications" needed for the job.

The problem lies with her ideology and her record. Her defense of being soft on crime while being light on child porn offenders and potentially having a hidden agenda based on Critical Race Theory makes many in the confirmation hearings very nervous. Many still believe this will be a slam dunk confirmation given the optics surrounding the pick but is it not the job of these Senators to make sure they get it right?

After all of the spectacle that was given during the Kavanaugh hearings the least that even the staunchest defenders of the nomination of Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson should want to dive into and get to the bottom of. But that is the real problem with this whole process. They don't care about her record they only care about the optics and making sure we have a more diverse court with a more progressive agenda.

The Left scrambled mightily after Donald Trump got to nominate and confirm three members to SCOTUS. They want to make sure they get something back while they still can.

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