WATCH: Will Smith Slaps Chris Rock After Joke at 2022 Oscars


The slap seen around the worlds at the 2022 Oscars seemingly came out of nowhere. Comedian Chris Rock was on stage as many others do at these types of events and made several jokes to liven up the crowd. One joke was directed at Jada Pinkett Smith, the wife of actor Will Smith. The joke called Jada Pinkett Smith "G.I. Jane 2" due to her very short hair akin to the portrayal of the Demi Moore character in "G.I. Jane."

Pinkett Smith has a medical condition called Alopecia which is a hair-loss condition and deemed Rock's joke offensive. Despite Will Smith's initial reaction of laughter he quickly turned to anger after he saw his wife's reaction. The American version of the encounter was censored but on several other outlets across the world it was not.

Here is the uncensored exchange that took place.

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