Disney Is Not Hiding Their Agenda Anymore

Disney has decided that they want to push back against a parental rights bill signed by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. They have dubbed it the "Don't Say Gay" bill to use the optics in their perceived favor and garner support and supposed leverage.

They believe the most important group of people in this is the LGBTQIA+ community rather than looking at the whole picture. (Sounds like a typical thing for Liberals to do.)

However their agenda has been made clear by employees that work there as to the goals they are setting as a company and presented for their communities that want to frequent their parks.

Check this out!

"The not-at-all secret agenda" of Disney is finally here. Many had their suspicions of what was really going on but there it is. They want this to be the new normal. If you disagree with their narrative you are part of the problem instead of being part of the inclusive solution.

Diversity and inclusion are meant to welcome all but in turn they just get used to exclude everything else.

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