Going Green Is Costing Too Much Green For America.

Joe Biden is caught between a rock and a hard place of his own doing. He knows that he ran on a platform that would cater towards the Far Left agenda while also trying to garner mainstream appeal. The problem is that now he is serving too many masters and must appease all of them all of the time. The New Green Deal he is stuck with regardless of whether he fully believes it or not.

He now must push full speed ahead towards this radical agenda at any cost. The military is the next piece to fall victim to this as now the plan is to spend more money on the military (something the Left does not want to do) and make it fully Green. The practicality of this ask is a daunting one as costs across the board have come up for Americans on daily issues and now the Government wants to spend more money altering a problem that did not need to be fixed.

Joe Biden wants to waste billions of dollars on plans that are not feasible, not practical and not at all what voters want out of the White House. They want answers to questions that the Biden Administration refuses to address or have no solid response for.

Instead they will make a grand gesture of aspiring to goals 10-20 years in the future without an actual foundation to stand on as a strategy to properly execute for the American people.

This is what we voted for? I don't think so!

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