The Lack Of Concern Over The Baby Formula Shortage Is Scary.

Courtesy of News 12

The shortages in our country over the past few years have been more than just inconveniences. Instead they have uprooted our daily lives and made things completely not normal.

During the pandemic the most noticeable shortage that was felt by many was the lack of toilet paper and the rush to buy it. In that instance although annoying and in need of preparation the lack of toilet paper did not have long term health ramifications attached to it.

Enter the latest shortage to rock the nation in the form of baby formula. Whether it is for nutritional or allergic reasoning the lack of baby formula is threatening the lives of children and the mothers who need it to feed them. Where is the Biden Administration on this? They knew about it months ago and slipped it under the rug as part of their plan to blanket blame the supply crisis on the Ukraine/Russia conflict and Covid rather than their own policies.

This is yet another shining example of the total failure of the Biden Administration at the cost of the American people.

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