The Baby Formula Shortage Could Have Been Prevented.

Courtesy of CBS Philly

The Biden Administration finally took action on the baby formula shortage crisis by enacting the Defense Production Act. In short it provides extra supplies to ensure more production of certain items and has been utilized on many different items since its inception in 1950 during the Korean War.

Whether or not it was a planned shortage or a shortage with little to no plan to address Joe Biden simply let the problem grow until he had to answer questions and until he has to act.

This seems to be a trend with the Biden Administration when it comes to getting things done---a day late and a dollar short. Sure this way alleviate some of the issues but given inflation and supply chain problems still running rampant not only domestically but globally this act simply shows that action could have and should have been taken MUCH sooner.

Calling out the feckless and vapid behavior of the Biden Administration never seems to get old but it could be curtailed by actual work being done in a timely manner.

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