Biden Would Rather Help Ukraine Than The United States

Courtesy of Reuters

The actions of the Biden Administration to this point should not surprise anyone. More money to help fight the problems in Ukraine rather than fight the problems here in the United States of America.

I must say once again that I do not support Russian aggression nor have I ever supported it.

However I do support taking care of our own issues such as inflation, high gas prices and our wide open Southern Border being flooded with illegal immigration.

The Biden Administration does not care about the problems it has created.

The reality is that this has been the plan all along. Whether it is to convince the American people to transition into The Green New Deal or make illegal immigration normalized or to help our economy dissolve into socialism style policy America is a lesser entity under Joe Biden and the Democrat Party.

Sending more money and resources to Ukraine may seem like the right thing to do when in reality it simply does not address the immediate issues that American must fix in order to survive and prosper once again.

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