The Best Teachers Are Leaving Their Disconnected Schools Behind

Courtesy of FOX 5 Atlanta

When the 2022 Teacher of the Year in Gwinnett County decides to publicly state why he is leaving his school district and why he cannot fulfill his duties as a teacher the writing is on the wall. Schools must change what they are doing in order to function as a foundation for learning and academia.

This should not be happening. Teachers that provide all the necessary tools for their students to succeed but are constantly at odds with either curriculum or policy from these schools is not going to accomplish anything positive.

These school districts should be sounding alarms about not only why this is happening but how to prevent it.

Check out Lee Allen's testimony of his concerns and yes he even gets cut off at the end because they simply do not care about what this actually represents. They do not want to admit that what they are doing is not conducive to real sustainable fundamental change in their system!

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