Mass Shootings: Narrative Of Fear

The media is selling fear again. Just like it did for two years during COVID. Just like it did for four years during the presidency of Donald Trump. The fear this time around is about guns.

As in everything is a mass shooting. Be afraid.

The USA Today ran a headline, 'Deadliest weekend in the US for mass shootings this year: 3 days, many guns, 17 fatalities.

These types of mass shootings happen almost daily in cities across America. The typically happen in poorer neighborhoods. Mostly, these shootings are ignored. The last time the news media cared about crime in these locations was when they were selling fear about the crack epidemic in the 80's and 90's.

At least you can see what's really going on. Clearly, most newsrooms across this country want 'gun control' measures to pass. So does Congress so they can claim credit for 'doing something.'

That's why both the news media and politicians use the fear narrative. They aim to scare you so much it will force Congress to act and in return we all feel safer. 'Doing something' often means re-election.

This is a great strategy...unless we were to be solution oriented and really dig into why so much gun violence happens. In other words, what happens way before the gun?

That would be too hard and would take too long. For politicians, things that take too long don't result in re-election. That, too, is a cycle.

Welcome to the fear narrative.

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