The Focus From Dems Is In The Wrong Place On Guns

Courtesy of ABC News

Gun violence in any form is not acceptable and should be fought against at every level. However the Democrat response to how to deal with said gun violence is a bridge too far.

The Democrats fail to see that their policies have helped caused this epidemic of gun violence. They believe the more strict restrictions on the purchasing of guns and the threat to take away your guns is the solution. They also believe having gun-free zones are a viable solution while making accessibility to firearms something we as a society should not have that easily.

Here is the problem: the 2nd Amendment allows us as citizens the right to keep and bear arms. It also SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED as the Constitution states.

Even if you took every gun from every person and deemed the world safe from gun violence the criminal element would always find a way to buy, sell and distribute arms. The last I checked we still live in a free society and protecting ourselves from an oppressive Government is not going away.

Democrats would rather take the emotional response from a tragedy rather than look in the mirror and realize that their solutions to this problem have not worked and will continue not to work until they reach the real issues that surround it.

Fatherless homes.

Absence of religion in the home.

Mental health problems.

Proper education.

This among many others are topics that the Left is not interested and that is why they will never be taken seriously when it comes to the topic of gun violence. It is a growing problem across the country but Democrats are only interested if it is their way because otherwise it will be no way at all.

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