Joy Behar Brings Race Into Gun Debate

Joy Behar knows how to really bring home the true narrative of how to change gun laws. If you don't want to change them you are racist!

Her comments on The View demonstrate how much of the narrative they want to create to bully you into compliance. It is an essential part of their playbook when it comes to getting you to do what they want.

"When Black people get guns THEN the laws will change."

Do Black people have limited to no access to guns?

Do they have the same 2nd Amendment rights that the rest of us have?

Are we still living in the 1800's where Black people had less rights?

What about the shootings that are happening in big cities like Chicago committed by Black people---do they not have access to those firearms either legally or illegally?

The straw man has been set up by Joy Behar and the Left that gun laws will only be changed when White people feel impacted by it by BIPOC people. It is simply a false and rather racist sentiment that I will not stand for and neither should you.

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