Joe Biden's Delusional View Of America

Joe Biden believes our economy is as strong as ever. He also believes that his plan is actually working and that he saved America and the world from the dangerous Donald Trump and his policies.

He is simply delusional.

Inflation is at all-time high.

Immigration is the worst it has ever been.

Gas prices are soaring to astonishing levels.

Jimmy Carter would laugh at this deplorable state of affairs when it comes to economy.

And what is the overall status of the country? We are lost at sea.

It might be funny to laugh at all of Biden's shortcomings if it did not come at the cost of the American people.

The fact that no one is stopping this madness and making things better is a real shame. The fact is that as much as the 2022 midterms appear to showcase that change is on the horizon the reality is that until common sense policies for both foreign and domestic are established and logically applied there is little to look forward to.

We as a country are a rudderless boat without a captain.

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