Gavin Newsom Is For Freedom...Not!

Nothing says Independence Day like a politician telling you how free you really are. In the case of California Governor Gavin Newsom he and many on the Left believe you are only truly free if you are dependent on the Government telling you what you need and giving you what you need.

If you reside in a state like California you have everything you ever want.

However if you reside in a state like Florida you are restricted as an American and cannot express your true freedom you have as an American.

This is the America they want you to live in. The illusion of freedom is not truly freedom.

Want to be able to live the way you want to? Don't fall in line with the Democrat Doctrine.

Want to feel like you have real freedom in America? Don't let politicians tell you how much freedom you don't have and express how much freedom you have as a part of your God given rights.

Gavin Newsom and people like him only want to control you they do not want to see you flourish.

Spot the difference and act accordingly!

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