Biden Has No Priorities.

Courtesy of Reuters

The Biden Administration wants to have promises made and promises kept for the American people.

They wanted to be completely different from the Trump Administration in every way possible.

The problem with that assessment is when you are trying to be different than something that was wildly successful you end up being a colossal failure.

WNBA star Brittney Griner has been detained in Russia for a very long time over vape cartridges that were filled with cannabis. Whether you agree or not the rules are different in Russia when it comes to owning said materials and she was detained.

Remember when one of the Ball brothers was charged for stealing materials over in China. At the time President Trump helped get LiAngelo Ball home from detainment for theft charges. Meanwhile Biden's "top priority" is to get Brittney Griner home. Yes there are complications due to Russia's attacks on the Ukraine but if Trump was in office Putin would not have made the moves he has made and we would not be in this current position.

The bottom line is that if Trump were in office Griner would be home. Instead we voted for the complete opposite of that and the leadership we got was a total disaster.

Joe Biden claims that everything is a priority when in reality absolutely nothing is a priority and we all suffer because of it.

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