Jill Biden's "Breakfast Taco" Gaffe

Courtesy of Fox News

First Lady Jill Biden loves to tow the company line when it comes to promoting diversity within the Democrat Party to spread to the country they help govern. They wear it like a badge of honor as a pillar of our strength in this country.

The problem is that the Democrats believe that diversity must be at the forefront above all else. It must be a catalyst of their agenda and it must be propped up. And because they prop it up they feel as if they have free reign to use whatever tactics they want without repercussions.

Can you imagine if someone in the GOP used the same reference comparing diversity to "breakfast tacos?"

The Left would go apoplectic and call for that official to be fired or at the very least publicly scorned forever.

If the Left did not have double standards the Left would have no standards at all.

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