San Francisco Is Terrified Over Monkeypox

Courtesy of KPIX CBS SF Bay Area

Monkeypox has finally reached the point for some leaders to start preparing their populace for another health crisis.

The problem is that they know where the spread mostly comes from but they do not want to stigmatize the situation. They know that monkeypox is more prevalent with same-sex partnerships. The AIDS epidemic was also a major scare that was in fear of being stigmatized as well.

Mayors like San Francisco's London Breed are trying to help solve the problem when what they are truly doing is only making things worse by not addressing the root of the issue.

EVERYONE should be concerned over monkeypox even if it only really impacts one section of the community is the thought process behind declaring the state of emergency.

The optics are more important than actual leadership or results when it comes to tackling this issue. Be ready to have your leaders implore you to mask up again to an issue that just is not there.

Power and control measures just in time for another elections season. Be afraid America. Be scared enough to out feckless leaders like London Breed in power to control how you are supposed to live your lives.

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