The Optics Behind Pelosi's Trip To Taiwan

Courtesy of CBS News

The Biden Administration has confirmed that they do not recognize Taiwan Independence to go along with their unwavering position and agreement of the One China Policy.

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi announced she wanted to visit Taiwan. The Biden White House advised against it. Democrats advised against the move. The media is condemning the action. China is now doing live fire drills closer to Taiwan than ever before. They have even warned of further escalation over this move by Nancy Pelosi.

Yet through it all should we be letting China demand anything about what we want to do and which countries we want to visit?

The reference has been used equating an American presence in Taiwan to a Russian presence in Cuba in the 1960's.

Do we want to trigger off another version of a Cuban Missile Crisis?

The optics surrounding this move does not feel calculated. They instead feel like a misstep in judgments all the way around.

We should not be afraid to visit Taiwan but we should also not provoke potential war over such an action.

This truly is a reckless and irresponsible group of leaders running our country right now. Quite frankly this may be the worst it has ever been.

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