Brittney Griner Is Now Sentenced In Russia. Biden Must Take Action.

Courtesy of CNN

President Joe Biden has a choice to make when it comes to WNBA star Brittney Griner being charged and sentenced for drug charges in Russia.

The choice he has to make is how he is going to get this American home back where she belongs.

Griner did break the law in Russia that is fact.

She also did many things while in this country to show her displeasure of this country. However that is the greatest thing about this country is that you have the freedom to have a negative opinion about the country you live in.

What will Joe Biden do? Will he give up the so-called "merchant of death" to get her home? How did we let this get to this point?

The bottom line is regardless of what you think of Griner she is still an American and we have to get her home. The clock is ticking Mr. Biden and you must make a tough choice.

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