The Democrats Are Reaping What They Sow On Illegal Immigration

Courtesy of Newsweek

The Democrats wanted an Open Border Policy when it came to immigration into the United States. They do not believe in borders or the necessity that borders represent when it comes to safety and security for the citizens of that country.

We do not live in a one country world where everything is sunshine rainbows and lollipops. There are real world issues and real needs to have borders. Yet because of their fervor to have open borders the number of illegal immigrants flooding into this country has become a national crisis.

They will never call it a crisis but they also believe that it is not truly a problem until it starts to impact them financially. Want to let in tens if not hundreds of thousands of new people into the country? How will you pay for the resources they use or the space they need to access to work and exist as a tax paying citizen? Do you want them to pay taxes or let the rest of us pay taxes for them?

They are on your doorstep now Democrats and you are freaking out. Welcome to the reality that is your failed Open Border Policy. It is time to step up and be a part of the solution rather than stand back while complaining about being the root of the problem.

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