The American Economy Is In Dire Straits

Courtesy of GOP War Room

Traveling to Mexico for cheaper goods is not a new concept in America. Unfortunately under the Biden Administration it has become the new reality for many Americans simply trying to make ends meet in this horrible inflation period enduring its highest mark in nearly 40 years.

After months of the Biden Administration lying to the American people about "transitory" inflation and saying that temporary pain would all be worth it, the American people are fed up to the point where they will do whatever it takes to survive.

There is an election coming up in November and the Democrats have little to no solutions and must dig in to their green energy policies that they have been striving to achieve for years. The problem is that we the people do not like the direction they are taking us.

Strap in for sweeping change because the only way to start fixing the disaster they have put in front of us is to get those people out of power now.

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