Americans Are Already Done With Biden As President

Courtesy of NBC News

The Joe Biden experiment as the President of the United States is over. The goal of the Left was to do anything and everything to get Donald Trump out of office and they succeeded by placing Joe Biden in his place.

The main issue with doing this is that everything good Trump did while in office was immediately reversed and the consequences of those actions has an instant negative impact on the country. It may not have been all felt right away but in time the American people have woken up to the fact that Joe Biden is ineffective as Commander-in-chief.

The Border---worse than ever.

The Economy---struggling for any type of real growth.

Inflation---highest numbers of it in four decades.

Job Market---floundering back to Obama era levels.

The truth is there are many examples that Democrats claim are "kitchen table" issues that they say have positively impacted the lives of Americans with the removal of Trump and the placement of Biden.

The bottom line is that Biden has been lackluster at best and completely inept at worst. The country is likely going to be stuck with Biden for two more years and the lack of a real exit strategy by Democrats has Americans believing that it is time for a change sooner rather than later to save this country from becoming the rudderless ship it is well on its way to becoming.

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