Power And Control Is All The Democrats Truly Care About

The Democrats have an agenda and they will prop up and demand that you accept their agenda by voting for them. They then take those votes to continue that agenda while doing little to nothing for the people that put them in office. What is their agenda you ask?

They want to keep power and control and to keep you dependent on them for everything in your life. The other answer is to push through their agenda so that there are items in place to keep them in those seats of power to continue the game they are playing. They are playing you for fools!

They have a self-fulfilling prophecy of getting elected to stay in power while staying in power to keep getting elected. It is a vicious cycle and they are not even hiding it that well.

Once the Democrats get in charge they will reverse anything they don't like and make sure what they want sticks around even when they are not in power.

These are elected officials with a personal agenda!

The divide in America is real and if you have not chosen a side yet you may be forced to one way or another.

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