This Arizona Spot Is Among The Best Warm Places To Visit In January

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When you think of winter vacations, you probably think of skiing, snowboarding, and snuggling up in a warm cabin. But some people prefer to escape the cold and visit warm, sunny spots.

Trips to Discover compiled a list of the best warm places to visit in January. The website states, "From destinations closer to home to spectacularly lush islands with fantasy-like beaches thousands of miles away, consider one of these top warm places to visit in January."

According to the list, Tucson is one of the best warm places to visit in January. The website explains:

"Enjoy plenty of sunshine and pleasant temperatures in Tucson, which typically hover around the mid-60s in January. While there are no beaches here, there’s plenty of beauty to be found in the desert, particularly in Saguaro National Park, ideal for hiking with miles and miles of scenic trails and wildlife to watch for, including Gila monsters and desert tortoise. In town, enjoy the El Presidio Historic District, one of the country’s oldest inhabited sites. The district was built on a prehistoric Hohokam Indian site dating back to the 8th century, while the original fort (presidio) reflects the city’s development from an 18th-century walled compound to a 20th-century mercantile center. The Old Town Artisans marketplace is fun to browse or buy, filled with works by Tucson and regional artists."

Check out the full list of the best warm places to visit in January on Trips to Discover's website.

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