This Is The Best Hot Sauce In Arizona

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People have strong opinions about hot sauce and pledge loyalty to their favorite brands. From the cayenne kick of Frank's RedHot to the tangy sting of Sriracha, there are tons of different hot sauces to spice up your meals.

Food & Wine used data from Instacart to determine the most popular hot sauce brands in each state. The website states, "Probably the biggest takeaway: Hot sauce preferences are extremely regionalized."

So what hot sauce are the people of Arizona slathering on their food?

According to the study, Arizona's favorite hot sauce brand is Huy Fong Sriracha.

Other popular hot sauces that made the list were Original Louisiana, Texas Pete, Frank's RedHot, Burman's, and Village Hot Sauce.

Laurentia Romaniuk, Instacart's trends expert, said:

"Over the past year, we've noticed that hot sauce enthusiasts are reaching for newer brands like Maya Kaimal and Truff, which top the list for Instacart's fastest-growing hot sauce brands. These newer brands are likely gaining traction among hot sauce enthusiasts because they offer up unique flavor profiles that also pack a punch, incorporating everything from truffles to traditional Indian spices. With many hot sauce lovers willing to go to Scoville extremes, it's no surprise they're also branching out and becoming more adventurous when it comes to discovering new flavor options."

Check out the full list of each state's favorite hot sauce brands on Food & Wine's website.

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