Shocking Video Shows Man Darting Between Traffic On Arizona Freeway

Photo: Getty Images

Shocking dash cam footages shows the terrifying moment a man darted across a busy Arizona freeway. The camera footage was taken on I-10 in the West Valley, reported Fox 10 Phoenix.

Man man can be seen in the video sprinting between six lanes of traffic on the busy freeway, just barely missing two semi-trucks. Fortunately there were no injuries as a result of the incident.

Tony Bradley, President and CEO of the Arizona Trucking Association said, "Thank God for professionally trained drivers. There were a lot of commercial trucks on that freeway. You didn’t see them overreact, slam on their brakes, hit another vehicle because somebody was trying to run across lanes of traffic, which is something an untrained driver might have done is try to swerve and over correct, and it could have been a horrific accident."

Bradley says the man was putting other people in jeopardy with his actions. He said, "They don’t realize they are putting other people in jeopardy. They are putting other people at risk. I was just astounded by the video. Thank goodness everyone is OK, and I didn’t get this call of we were in this horrific accident because somebody was on the freeway, jumping in between lanes."

Check out the insane video of the man darting across lanes of traffic below:

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