Arizona Is Home To One Of The World's Most Beautiful McDonald's Restaurants

Photo: Getty Images

Many people can spot the famous golden arches of a McDonald's restaurant from miles away. However, some McDonald's locations are a bit unusual and may not don the traditional red and yellow colors that people have come to know.

Architectural Digest compiled a list of the 13 most beautiful McDonald's in the world. The website states, "As one of the largest fast food chains in the world, the popular eatery has a surprisingly expansive collection of restaurants in interesting, unique, and downright extraordinary buildings. Some get their beauty from ornate architectural details, other from their expressive adaptions that honor a local environment or culture—either way, the results are remarkable."

According to the list, one of the most beautiful McDonald's restaurants in the world is right here in Arizona. Located in Sedona is a non-traditional McDonald's with a turquoise logo. The website explains:

"With an undeniable southwest flair, this Arizona store is the only McDonald’s with a turquoise logo. The city council reportedly told the company that the standard golden arches would clash with the red rocks of the surrounding town, prompting the unusual addition."

Check out the full list of the 13 most beautiful McDonald's restaurants in the world on Architectural Digest's website.

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