Driver Sobered Up After Cops Took 2.5 Hours To Respond To Alleged DUI Crash

Sobriety Test

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A Texas family is demanding answers after police took over 2.5 hours to respond to a crash involving a suspected drunk driver. Lacey Purciful told Fox News that her husband and two kids were returning home from the aquarium when another driver slammed into them head-on.

"Head on, didn't hit the brakes, airbags deployed, screaming kids, smoke, adrenaline, we started screaming and got the kids out of the car," Purciful said.

Witnesses said that the other driver smelled like alcohol and refused to get out of his car.

"Everyone could smell alcohol on this man," Purciful said. "He openly admitted what he was drinking. He told my husband he was drinking High Noons. It isn't just me making accusations he was just straight-up coming out and telling us, and there was no remorse."

The Purcifuls made five 911 to report the crash before an officer arrived. He apologized and blamed the long wait on the fact that the department is underfunded and short-staffed, with just five officers on patrol in the area.

Due to the long wait, the other driver was able to sober up and pass a sobriety test. As a result, he was not arrested or charged for causing the accident.

"Our officers work hard every day to handle the high volume of calls that we may receive and answer them accordingly with the resources we have on hand," the Austin Police Department said in a statement. "Unfortunately, this service level differs from the level we hope to provide our community. Still, we consistently review our processes and assess how we can improve in serving the city of Austin and those who choose to visit."

The Purcifuls have hired a lawyer with the hopes of holding somebody accountable for the accident.

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