Teen Died During Flight Because Defibrillator Wasn't Charged: Lawsuit

Defibrilator in Airport

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A New York mother has filed a lawsuit against American Airlines after her 14-year-old son died during a flight from San Pedro Sula, Honduras, to Miami, Florida, last summer.

Kevin Greenidge suffered a heart attack during the flight. A doctor happened to be on the flight and began assisting the teen and asked the flight crew to get the defibrillator, which is required on all flights. Unfortunately, the defibrillator was not working correctly, and Greenidge passed away.

After Greenidge's mother, Melissa Arzu, learned that the defibrillator was not fully charged, she contacted a lawyer and filed a negligence lawsuit against the airline.

The lawsuit blames American Airlines for "failing to maintain an automatic external defibrillator (AED) on board the subject flight" and "failing to ensure that the AED and its mobile battery pack were fully and properly charged."

"That as a consequence of the defendant's negligence in failing to maintain a working defibrillator upon their flight caused, permitted, and/or hastened the untimely death of... Kevin Greenidge," the lawsuit states.

Arzu is seeking unspecified damages.

American Airlines told Business Insider it is reviewing the lawsuit.

"Our thoughts are with Mr. Greenidge and his loved ones," the airline said in a statement.

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