Real Human Skull Found In Arizona Goodwill

Close-Up Of Human Skull Against Black Background

Photo: Getty Images

Goodwill is every avid thrifter’s paradise.

The legendary secondhand retail chain is a wonderland where the past meets the present, and where the simple act of browsing through used items can turn into an unforgettable adventure filled with surprises.

But that doesn’t always mean they will be good surprises. And for one unsuspecting shopper, their trip to the store would’ve certainly been unforgettable.

Arizona police were called to a Goodwill location near Sarival Avenue and Yuma Road in Goodyear on Tuesday night after “what appears to be an actual human skull” was discovered among other donations in a box.

The skull was then taken into possession of the police who have since sent it to the medical examiner's office to be examined further.

Goodyear police released a statement which revealed, “After speaking with the Medical Examiner's Office, preliminarily, it appears this human skull is historic and has no forensic significance, meaning there appears to be no associated crime.”

According to Goodwill's official donor guidelines, hazardous materials are prohibited:

"It's hard to say 'no thank you' to a donation when those donations help to fund Goodwill programs. However, we do need to refuse some items for being non-recyclable or containing hazardous materials."

Additional details regarding the continuing investigation have yet to be released.

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