Iconic Chewing Gum Being Discontinued After More Than 50 Years

Caucasian teenager blowing bubble with gum

Photo: Tetra images RF

Ferrara Candy announced that it is discontinuing its iconic Fruit Stripe chewing gum after more than 50 years. The gum was first sold in the 1960s and came in colorful packaging featuring a rainbow-colored mascot, Yipes the Zebra.

Each pack also contained a temporary tattoo of Yipes playing various sports, including basketball, tennis, soccer, and surfing.

The gum was sold in five different flavors: Cherry, Lemon, Orange, Peach, and Wet n' Wild Melon.

"The decision to sunset this product was not taken lightly," a spokesperson for Ferrara Candy told CNN. "We considered many factors before coming to this decision, including consumer preferences, and purchasing patterns – and overall brand trends for Fruit Stripe Gum."

The gum may still be available at select retailers or online until all remaining packages are sold out.

The company did not say if it will discontinue making the Fruit Stripe gummy candies that were introduced in 2022.

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