Only True Arizonans Go Grocery Shopping Here

Young Asian father and her little daughter grocery shopping in supermarket. They are choosing fresh organic bell peppers together along the produce aisle. Fruits and vegetables shopping. Routine grocery shopping. Going green and healthy eating lifestyle

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Grocery shopping is a routine yet essential task that connects us to the heart of our daily sustenance.

Whether navigating fully stocked aisles or scrolling through virtual carts, the journey of selecting ingredients and essentials intertwines practicality, preference and sometimes a hint of culinary inspiration.

Join Daily Meal in discovering what the best grocery store in every U.S. state is:

“Even though there's plenty of increased competition these days from Amazon Prime, Fresh Direct, meal kit companies, and other delivery services, supermarkets remain an essential part of American life. And in every state, one supermarket chain, be it a big national chain or a smaller chain we wish were national, stands out from the pack.
For this list, we have included brick-and-mortar grocers, local markets, supermarkets, membership-only warehouse clubs, and nationwide department store retailers that have supermarkets within their retail locations. Convenience stores, delis, farmers markets, and technology-based shops like Peapod were not considered.”

Sprouts Market is the most popular grocery store in Arizona:

“Sprouts Market has more than 40 locations in Arizona and is famous for its wide selection of fresh produce. The Butcher Shop at Sprouts features beef, chicken, pork, and lamb, with the beef graded USDA choice. Plus, stores have an in-house butcher who can assist guests with product selection, seasoning, cooking tips, and custom cuts. Guests can also find instant savings on healthy products using the Sprouts app, which offers exclusive mobile coupons; downloading grocery store apps is a supermarket secret that home cooks swear by."

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