Arizona Restaurant Has The 'Best Chicken Wings' In The State

Photo: Photo by Alex Tihonov/Moment/Getty Images

Chicken wings are the ultimate party food. Whether you're hosting a party or enjoying a night out at your favorite sports bar or restaurant, it's hard to find a more popular snack choice. Cheapism compiled a list of the best chicken wings served in each state, with dishes ranging from tried-and-true classics like fried and barbecued to flavorful takes like Jamaican jerk and Thai chili.

According to the list, the best chicken wings in all of Arizona can be found at ATL Wings. With a name like All The Luv (ATL), you know the food is made with the best in mind for customers. Cheapism suggests ordering wings with the ATL Style dry rub for a flavor explosion.

ATL Wings has several locations around Arizona. Find your nearest one by visiting the restaurant's website.

Here's what the site had to say about the best chicken wings in the state:

"Arizona has a diverse array of wing options, with heavy emphasis on Asian styles. But when it came to finding consensus on the state's trademark wing, the ATL Wings mini chain came through. You're going to see a lot of sauces on this list, but the ATL Style wings with its dry rub, crispy skin, and unique blend of spices is best enjoyed with no sauce at all."

Check out the full list at to see where else you can find some incredible chicken wings.

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