2 Arizona Lakes Named Among The 'Most Beautiful Lakes' In America

Photo: Tony Sweet/DigitalVision/Getty Images

As the weather starts to warm and the days grow longer, many lovers of the outdoors may be looking forward to some fun in the sun. One fun spring and summer activity that rarely disappoints is spending time with loved ones at a lake, cruising along the water in a pontoon boat, showing off their wakeboarding skills or being flung around the waves while tubing.

Places To Travel looked at the stunning lakes dotted around the country and compiled a list of the "most beautiful" lakes in America. While the list is filled with popular destinations like the Great Lakes or Lake Tahoe, two watery wonderlands in Arizona made the cut.

According to the site, Lake Powell and Lake Havasu are among the country's most beautiful lakes to visit. Places To Travel suggests visiting during each lake's peak season, in late spring to early fall (May to September).

This is what the site had to say about Lake Havasu:

"Lake Havasu is a stunning oasis and watersport hot spot formed by the Parker Dam on the border of California. Enjoy fishing for the large variety of bass that are abundance in the lake, as well as angling for catfish. Take a swim and cool off from the southern heat in the sparkling blue water after exploring the interpretive garden, home to local plant life, birds, lizards and cottontail. Lake Havasu City is home to London Bridge, an 1830s structure that once spanned the river Thames and was rebuilt brick by brick here in the United States! From the bridge, you get an amazing view of the lake and surrounding desert."

Check out the full list of America's best lakes by visiting placestotravel.com.

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