3 Arizona Spots Named Among The 50 'Most Beautiful Places In America'

Photo: Nico De Pasquale Photography/Stone/Getty Images

America has no shortage of breathtaking landscapes, from towering snow-capped mountains and rocky coastal shores to warm sandy deserts and ancient forests and wooded sanctuaries and sandy deserts.

Condé Nast Traveler knows the vast expanse of "America the Beautiful" is full of incredible sights, so it compiled a list of the 50 most beautiful places in the U.S., from national parks offering stunning views of the sunrise and rolling fields full of bright flowers to lakeshores with adventurous activities and otherworldly swamps.

Among the most gorgeous places in the country are three spots in Arizona — Antelope Canyon, the Grand Canyon and Monument Valley. Here's what the site had to say:

Antelope Canyon

"Antelope Canyon is a slot canyon — and serious Instagram darling — in the American Southwest, just east of Page, Arizona. The narrow, undulating spaces between rock formations allow for vivid patterns when sunlight filters through the striated stone."

The Grand Canyon

"No list of beautiful places in the U.S. would be complete without the Grand Canyon. We could tell you all about the sunsets and views and epic hikes along this 277-mile-long chasm, but honestly? This is one you need to see for yourself."

Monument Valley

"Sitting like a western movie backdrop in Arizona's Navajo County, Monument Valley will probably be recognizable to anyone who has taken a road trip through the American Southwest. The 91,696-acre space is defined by its towering sandstone structures, mesas, and sandy landscapes — all of which make for perfect photo opportunities."

Check out the full list at Condé Nast Traveler to see more of the most beautiful places in the country.

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