Arizona Destination Named The 'Most Underrated City' In The State

Photo: Nikolas_jkd/iStock/Getty Images

Each state has its own tourist-heavy towns that see the most visitors, from big metro areas like New York City and Los Angeles, party destinations like Nashville and New Orleans or busy cities like Chicago and Orlando. However, some of the coolest attractions and memorable experiences can be found outside of these popular spots in cities that are less explored.

Love Exploring compiled a list of the "most underrated" city in each state, the "lesser-known" destinations that are worth visiting just as much as their more popular counterparts. According to the site, the most underrated city in all of Arizona is Sedona. This locale has a stunningly unique that really makes the city stand out from the crowd. Here's what the site had to say:

"Although Sedona itself is a brilliant city to visit thanks to its wealth of shops, spas and art galleries, its main attraction is the Red Rock State Park. Looming over the city, the red sandstone formations look incredibly beautiful during sunrises and sunsets, making for fantastic photos. There are countless hiking and biking trails leading from the city into the park so you can truly experience this unique terrain."

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