Arizona Eatery Named The 'Best Casual Restaurant' In The State

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One of the great things about the variety of restaurants around the country is that there is an establishment for every basically any occasion you could ever want. From fancy restaurants perfect for celebrating an anniversary or special event to laid-back shacks with incredible food that won't cost an arm and a leg.

The Daily Meal compiled a list of the best casual restaurant in each state, and the eatery that earned the top spot for Arizona is Pizzeria Bianco, a popular longtime spot that has pizza lovers coming back for more. Pizzeria Bianco has several locations and variations around Phoenix. Find your nearest one by visiting the website.

Here's what The Daily Meal had to say about the best casual restaurant in all of Arizona:

"'There's no mystery to my pizza,' Bronx native Chris Bianco was quoted as saying in The New York Times. 'Sicilian oregano, organic flour, San Marzano tomatoes, purified water, mozzarella I learned to make at Mike's Deli in the Bronx, sea salt, fresh yeast cake and a little bit of yesterday's dough. In the end great pizza, like anything else, is all about balance. It's that simple.' Try telling that to the legions of pizza pilgrims who have visited the storied Phoenix pizza spot that opened more than 20 years ago. The restaurant serves not only addictive thin-crust pizzas but also fantastic antipasto (involving wood-oven-roasted vegetables), perfect salads, and homemade country bread."

See more of the best casual restaurants around the country by reading the full list at The Daily Meal. If you're looking for a more elevated dining experience, it will likely come with a higher price tag. Check out our previous coverage of the most expensive restaurant in the state that is worth splurging on.

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