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CEOs You Should Know

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Ted Anderson, President & CEO of Anderson Advertising & Public Relations

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He’s the Big Cheese...The Head Honcho…The guy who runs the whole show (although he would be the first to give away credit). Ted oversees the client service team and account management, strategic planning, creative concepting, media and public relations to ensure overall client success, satisfaction, and service.

For nearly 30 years, Ted has been the creator of unique, highly specialized marketing solutions for a wide variety of clients. Having begun his career working with film studios and live theater in field marketing, driving awareness and local traffic, working with national brands, and considering a “bigger picture” aspect of campaigns is a specialty.

The core of Ted’s expertise lies in assessing the needs and challenges of a varied range of principals, then bringing together the perfect team to craft and execute a successful solution. He’s successfully helped launch brands including Phoenix Children’s Hospital's Urgent Care locations, driving traffic and community awareness. He has an almost freakish ability to understand the varied needs of multi-owner clients, and effectively communicate and execute plans on their behalf. He has also strategically led multiple brands including Desert Financial Credit Union, NYPD Pizza, Hamra Jewelers and CASS Dental/Bright on complete brand re-builds, launches and successes.

Ted has worked closely with clients including Kentucky Fried Chicken, Phoenix Children’s Hospital and Foundation, Mayo Clinic, Harkins Theatres, Hamra Jewelers, Desert Financial Federal Credit Union, Trucks Only!, Kneaders, Arizona Super Bowl Host Committee, Phoenix Coyotes, NYPD Pizza and many others.

How does handle all of this so masterfully? He’s the father of teenage twins so compared to that, everything is a breeze!

About Anderson Advertising & Public Relations:

We are real people—marketing and advertising professionals—who honestly want the best possible results for your business. We’re willing to push ourselves further to help you get ahead. Using the right balance of brains, heart and elbow grease, we quickly put ideas into action, developing smart strategies and creative campaigns in advertising, marketing, public relations and digital and social media. With intelligence, agility, authenticity and generosity, we use award-winning copy, graphic design, and in-house audio and video production capabilities to produce content that gets attention, raises awareness, motivates action, advances your agenda, and achieves your goals.






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