Your host, Logan Marcus, has seen nearly everything in the financial services industry. Now, she’s using her wealth of knowledge and her experience to help you find financial security and protect what’s important to you. Using tried-and-true methods of preserving wealth with a philosophy founded on education, Logan is ready to help you find answers and strategies that match your objectives and lifestyle. On a weekly basis, Cover Your Assets provides you with valuable information that can help you stay dry during the storm!

Logan Marcus entered financial services with more than a decade of experience in law, which helped to shape her principles and make her the advisor she is today. Despite her role as a financial professional with her Series 65 registration, Logan plans to never lose sight of her legal background and what is important to her, which is serving the best interest of her clients. During her legal career, Logan’s fiduciary duty called on her to uphold the Constitution and pursue justice for her clients.

She now utilizes her vast array of tools to help clients on a different level — guiding them toward a comfortable retirement and ensuring her clients’ financial houses are in order. The first step in Logan’s process is to listen and truly tailor her advice to each client with an ear to their desires and goals prior to and during retirement. With a strong connection to her team, a wide range of resources at her fingertips, and a desire to do the right thing, Logan knows she can find the best solution for any willing client.

Originally from Newton, Massachusetts, Logan went to Syracuse University for her undergraduate studies and later moved to California to attend law school. She practiced in the San Diego and Los Angeles areas for many years prior to making a career transition into financial services. Logan now resides in Scottsdale, Arizona, with her fiancé Don. When she finds free time, she enjoys practicing Pilates, traveling, reading, watching movies, trying new restaurants, and pursuing an active lifestyle.