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Is the FBI’s search for hidden Biden documents ALL FOR SHOW?

The FBI is FINALLY searching one of President Biden’s home for hidden documents, and agents already searched his D.C. think tank for them as well. But why now? Why weren’t these searches conducted LAST YEAR, when the DOJ first was informed the documents ever existed? Glenn’s chief writer, Jason Buttrill, joins the show to explain how the Democrats, the FBI, and the DOJ likely worked together to cover up this entire Biden scandal just days before the midterm. So, could this be one of the biggest examples of election interference in U.S. history?!

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GLENN: Jason Buttrill who has an update for us. Jason, give me -- give me the update on what is happening now with Joe Biden and the FBI.

JASON: Hello, Glenn. Well, I'm sure everyone has seen this all over Twitter. There's like aerial cams from helicopters going over President Biden's house right now. They're live streaming the FBI raiding their house.

Looking for their classified documents. Everyone see that.

No. They're not treating it the same way they did. And this is amazing. They've been in their house.

Sources told CNBC, I think, was the first to report this. It was a very small story. I didn't hardly see anyone recording on it.

But they have been there. And the FBI just recently took a look at his DC think tank office. That took them around 12 hours.

So I'm assuming they will be there probably all day. This is really unprecedented.

Stu mentioned this earlier. What they're opening this up -- opening this up here. And the reason why, is because you're looking at a -- a weaponized Department of Justice. And FBI.

And I think when you look at this, on a time line. I think this -- I think this is covering up, as one of the biggest election interferences in American history.

Can I explain that, Glenn?

GLENN: Yes. Can you?

JASON: I can. So when we first heard about this. When the comments started materializing, Biden's lawyers found classified documents of the DC think tank office on November 2nd.

Why did we not hear anything then?

Because that wasn't -- in the very middle of the hoopla surrounding Trump and the raid at Mar-a-Lago.

Why didn't we hear about this update? Well, just six days later, it was the midterms. They couldn't let it go, because what we all knew was the raid at Mar-a-Lago was just a big political stunt. That's all it was.

They were losing hard-core in the polls. They knew they were about to take a big defeat in the midterms. They needed the whammy. And that whammy was the raid on Donald Trump's house. That's what it was. We all knew what it was. Now we're seeing it materialize. That's exactly what was going on. One day later, the DOJ on November 9th. The DOJ and the FBI decided, you know what, I think we should look at these classified documents found in his home.

I think maybe it could have been a violation of federal law. We're going to look at it. Oh, really?

A day after the midterms. Now you're going to decide? Because of this slow drip process, we didn't even hear about that.

We only just now heard about that a few weeks ago. And now that the FBI is now moving around some of these places. We're starting to see the FBI is completely boxed in. They've been caught. They were outed in this scheme to work with the Democrats.

To tank Republicans. To tank Donald Trump. And now they're like, okay. Well, now crud.

We have to move. We have to do a raid. We have to get involved and show that, hey, at least we're taking it seriously. Will they eventually in the end? Highly doubt it. Because this has been a sham since the beginning.

GLENN: All right. So here's a couple of questions.

First, you didn't touch on what CBS News has just reported that the FBI conducted another undisclosed search of the Biden Center back in November. I think that you might have just mentioned it in passing here.

They -- they knew that the -- that these were in existence. They knew this was a problem.

But they go and they raid it.

And the White House hasn't ever talked about it.

The White House is telling America, that they're very, very transparent.

They're cooperating, 100 percent.

Who is shutting down the information?

Who is --

PAT: Yeah!

GLENN: Is there a single journalist that would like to -- well, you're not going to win a Pulitzer. Because you have to lie to win one of those. Is there anybody that cares enough about the truth, no matter where it falls? That they'll tell the truth?

PAT: No. We just found out about that raid, that you mentioned this week. We found out about it, this week. It happened way back then.

It was almost like a drip process, when they went to move on Trump.

Remember how investigative these journalists were being. They were looking at torn-up notes in toilet bowls.

That's like, oh, exclusive. We found these torn-up notes. Look how careless he is. Then we start finding out about these classified documents at Mar-a-Lago. That's the lengths they're willing to go.

All of this stuff. Like, you have lawyers involved within the Biden administration. You have the DOJ involved, the FBI involved, going back months. And not a single journalist knew a thing about it?

GLENN: All right. So, of course, that's not true.

So, Jason, tell me, what do you think is happening?

Why would the FBI be raiding his house yet again?

Why would they be doing this today?

JASON: Well, I seriously think this -- this could point toward. We know it was a two-pronged reason for raiding Mar-a-Lago, and Donald Trump.

One, it was a heck of a -- it was a heck of a pre-October surprise, for the midterm election.

That's one. I think that was one of the biggest things. The second, they also wanted to prosecute him.

They didn't want him to run for president again, in the next election. That was a big thing. Now, I don't think anyone on the left, wants Joe Biden to run again in 2024. I do not think they want it. He was vulnerable now. But so is Trump. I think right now, they're kind of gambling.

Well, yes. We opened them both up to prosecution. They'll both be vulnerable. But do they care? No. I don't think they care.

I think now they're cutting their losses, and they're looking towards who actually they can find that is electable.

I don't think they have so many people that are electable. But I think that they see the vulnerability of Joe Biden.

That's a bonus for them. And they will continue with the vulnerability of Donald Trump. They will make an example --

GLENN: This is banana republic. This is banana republic stuff.

JASON: Oh, yeah.

GLENN: You don't go in and raid a sitting president's home.

You don't do it.

We've never, ever done anything like this. We've never done it with Donald Trump.

Now they're going and raiding a sitting president's home. That's fine, if we had a Justice Department, that we trusted.

But we don't!

We know they're not after real justice.

So that leads you to what is -- what is it that they're after?

This becomes extraordinarily dangerous, for a republic.

If your Justice Department is corrupt. And the Deep State is in charge, and they can just take any president, and go into their house and raid it.

And charge him on things that Hillary Clinton didn't go to jail for.

Nobody went -- I can't believe I'm actually kind of defending Joe Biden here.

Because I'm defending the process. You should have done this from the beginning. Now they're using this as a political tool, I fear.

Because the biggest tool is Hunter Biden. And the things that are coming out about Hunter Biden are really, really damaging.

It looks -- what was it? Yesterday, Jason.

We had the story about Hunter's -- Hunter setting up the biotech labs. The bioweapons lab in Ukraine.

He was the guy who helped start that. And helped fund that. What's that all about?

JASON: I think the further we start seeing -- the Ukraine stuff. The business dealings with Hunter Biden, the rest of his family. And why they're so hyper focused with Ukraine. And why they're so hyper focused on making sure that everything is secure there.

You know, they have to make sure that, you know, all of those skeletons are completely buried. I don't even think that we're -- we probably haven't even scratched the surface. I mean, we covered Burisma in detail. Now we're getting hints of this. Those are the things we know. What do we not know that we have of our fingers in? This is absolutely insane.

GLENN: You know, what's bothered me so much is the amount of money, that's gone over there.

Because we know most of it has not gone to the front lines. We've had people on the front lines, who would verify this.

We're not seeing an influx of things. Why are all those things going?

You're seeing ten politicians had to step down, because they were taking the aid and funneling it towards their families, et cetera, et cetera.

Ten politicians. We're not monitoring anything.

And I think this is a huge payoff. Did you see that it was -- what was it? $2.5 billion, they say was given out, during the PPP program, that shouldn't have been given out? All went to corruption.

$2.5 billion. Do you know politically, what could be done with a billion dollars?

Ten billion dollars.

If this money is being funneled nefarious places, which is the only way dirty money ever goes.

It's not like it goes to the church. This money is being funneled somewhere. Where?

Who is using that money for what kind of a global campaign?

Where is that money's influence being felt?

We need to know this. Jason, is your -- is it your belief, at this point, that the government is going to move on Joe Biden, more than this?

JASON: Well, I kind of do. Because I don't think -- I don't really see an out on the DOJ and FBI on this. I really don't.

They've already -- you know, the grenade they've dropped with Trump. And now all the Revelations that are coming out about Biden. I just don't see how they can -- they're going to try and minimize and make it seem more benign, what Biden did.

I -- I saw that, in just some of the early reporting on the raids. The FBI search today. They are trying to say, oh, Joe Biden is in full cooperation with the FBI.

And, you know, more than happy to let the FBI search his home today.

There's no difference between that and what Donald Trump did. He was in cooperation with the FBI. He allowed them access. They went and looked.

They searched through the file folders. Looked at everything. And said, hey, let's spread things apart, and put a padlock on that door.

Okay. So he did it. What is the difference?

Really? What is the difference? There is no difference. But you can already see them. You know, calling their shot right now. They're going to try to make this look more benign. They'll probably end up saying, okay. We find no criminality here. For some weird magic trick. We find criminality with Donald Trump. But in the end, they're both vulnerable with the ultimate --

GLENN: So do you think that there's -- do you think there's a chance that this is -- because this is what I'm hearing from people.

The left is done with the Bidens. And so now this is all coming from the Deep State. And they're just going to destroy him and his family.

JASON: Yeah. And, Glenn, just a real quick point on just how Deep State is right now, and how much they're outing themselves.

I mean, just look at the DOJ and the FBI. Look at what they did to the pro-life activists.

GLENN: I know. I know.

JASON: But can you believe that? The DOJ actually -- they knew they did not have a case, Glenn. They knew they did not have a case. They knew how flimsy it was. He wasn't even blocking this entrance. This other activist went towards a hook.

Basically ran him down the street. And then he had -- as per in the court. The Planned Parenthood CEO admitted that this guy had those issues before. He had been confronting people out on the street, which they were told not to do before. So the DOJ knew they didn't have a case. But what did they do? They still went. Because it was retaliation. Their flagship issue Roe v. Wade had gotten overturned. So they wanted to deliver a gut punch, had nothing to do with justice. But they were weaponized.

I mean, this on top of what is going on with Biden Trump are now -- there's the bee sting right there. They are fully weaponized, and they're coming after you.

GLENN: Yeah. That's what disturbs me.

Yesterday, we had a guy who filed a lawsuit here in Texas, against the ATF. On the -- what do you call them?

The stocks. The collapse I believe stocks.

But what do they call it?

The pistols that can turn into rifles, magically, with the stabilizing stocks.

And the ATF said, those are absolutely legal.

They've been legal for years. Blah, blah, blah. Now through a stroke of a pen, not Congress or anything else. They decided, that's a felony to own one of those. In case you missed yesterday's podcast. We talked to the guy who was filing suit. Because yesterday, was the day that it actually became -- in the Federal Registry. Which means, it's now officially on the books.

So the clock started running yesterday. You have 120 days, before you're a felon.

They -- they may not get away with this.

But what they're doing, when you say weaponizing. There are two things that people have to understand.

How a -- a national socialist kind of takeover usually happens. Is they make so many things through regulation illegal, that almost everybody is in violation of something. And then they apply pressure, selectively, to who they want to apply pressure.

So if you have one of those guns, and you haven't filed in 120 days, because you're waiting for the court to speak on it. What's going to happen to you?

They will arrest you, even if they know, nothing is going to happen.

They want to make people's lives miserable, through the system.

That way, they can control you.

Even if it doesn't end up, that you have to be held in jail. The whole process, is the real punishment.

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