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Left’s Playbook REVEALED in PATHETIC NYT Hit Piece on Alito

The New York Times is once again freaking out about Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito. Lat time, it was over an upside-down American flag that Alito’s wife flew over their house. But now, Alito flew a – GASP! – “Appeal to Heaven” pine tree flag outside his New Jersey beach home. This flag, the Times insists, is a popular symbol among Jan. 6 “insurrectionists.” But Glenn gives the New York Times a much-needed history lesson on both flags. Spoiler alert: They’re not “insurrection” flags. But why is the Times going after Alito NOW? Glenn explains how this hit piece reveals the Left’s playbook…

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GLENN: I don't know about you, Stu.

But I am gravely, gravely concerned, that we have somebody, anybody, let alone a Supreme Court justice who would fly a flag upside down.

I don't know what that means. Other than, we all have to kill each other for Donald Trump. But he did that. And now, he's flown another flag at his beach house. That has to stop.

STU: Yes. Well, the upside down flag, as we know, is a symbol of January 6th, Glenn. That is what it is. It's in the headline of the New York Times.

Sure, down in the paragraph of 18, they mentioned dozens of groups have been using this for a long time. To show distress for the country.

GLENN: Well, I hate to point this out.

But it does -- it's exactly, if your ship is in trouble, and you're at sea, you fly your flag upside down as a symbol, that we're in distress.

We're sinking. We've been taken over. Whatever it is. We're out of refreshments.

And you fly your flag upside down.

It means ship in distress. If you fly it -- this is all flag code, by the way. If you fly it upside down on your home or your building or whatever, it is a symbol that the nation is in distress.

Now, I haven't noticed. Any kind of advertise tress.

You know, I -- I just haven't noticed, if there's any problems that seem like, gee.

We should concentrate on that. Or maybe even bend a knee. And appeal to heaven.

But he did. He apparently thinks that the nation is in distress.

STU: Well, at least his wife did.

Which is seemingly who actually flew the flag upside down.

And also --

GLENN: Those damn wives, you know what I mean?

STU: And then also, I think in the days after January 6th, I think no matter what side of the argument you're on. The idea that the nation was in distress is probably a good take.

GLENN: You know, I don't know if people remember this. But everyone, including now some of the people that were just walking around the Capitol. They found this abhorrent.

They found what happened. It was -- it was -- it was not the darkest day, since the Civil War. It was maybe the darkest day since the left, in the 1980s.

Set off a bomb, inside the Capitol. That was a pretty dark day, and it was akin to that.

STU: Maybe the darkest day since a Bernie Sanders campaign volunteer tried to assassinate 20 percent of the elected Republicans in Washington.

GLENN: Thank you.

STU: There's a lot of dark days you can point to. I don't know.

GLENN: Yeah, it wasn't a good day.

Nobody was proud of what was going on. At least I was. And all of my friends looked at that and said, that's not who we are.

And, yeah. I don't care if you're a Republican or a Democrat.

We were all offended by that. But the media has made this into, Republicans just loved it.

And that's just not true.

Anyway, anyone -- anyone -- you know, Democrats, if you really felt the way, I felt on January 6th. Which I think you did.

You could have flown your flag upside down because it shows a nation in distress.

And that's clear on that day, no matter who you voted for, the nation was in distress. The republic was at stake.

Can we all agree to that?

Now, they're trying to tie that to January 6th, and make that a symbol of January 6th.

It is not. When you tie it to January 6th, you now destroy another tradition of America.

I have flown my flag upside down before. I don't remember what was going on in the world. But there was something going on in the world. And I flew my flag upside down for about a week.

Now, I happened to have a flagpole that's in the mountains, and nobody would see it. But my family saw it. And I flew it upstairs.

I have also committed the crime that we now know, Justice Alito's beach house. They also flew another flag last summer.

First of all, they flew a 2022 Philly's flag. I don't -- I think we all are quite aware of the Philly's connection to January 6th.

But they then flew the appeal to heaven flag. Uh-huh.

Uh-huh. Uh-huh. I'm going to let that sit with you for a while.

The flag that was the design came from George Washington.

And it's an appeal to heaven.

You know, so that's -- at least in the summer months, to fly that, I think we all know what he was saying, right?

Maybe, appeal to heaven. Maybe that would be it. By the way, let me just tell you a little bit about that flag. In case you don't know.

That's the flag with the pine tree, which is white. It's also red. Which I will get to in a second. But it's a white one, and it says appeal to heaven.

It has a pine tree on it. That was a symbol of New England since the 16th century.

Why? Because New England had big pine trees.

Why was that important?

Because they could build ships. And build them for England, or whoever.

And ship giant mass, which were hard to find, because nobody had the giant pine trees, that New England had.

So they would build these masts out of the trees.

And they would sell them. So it was a big business this the first place. So that's one reason the pine tree was there.

But also, after warring for decades, the leaders of five nations, the Seneca, the Kyuga, the Onedega, Oneida, and Mohawks. They had been warring with each other forever.

But there was a great leader. He was called the great peacemaker. He was with the Iroquois.

He convinced all of them to bury their weapons under a pine tree. The great peacemaker did that. So it is also the symbol of the tree of peace.

Isn't that interesting?

Now, it was so crazy, that symbol. That it actually was on the -- the currency, in the 17th century. So the 1600s. Also, it was on the coinage, produced by the Massachusetts bay colony.

And it became the symbol of the colonial iron resistance, as well as a multi-tribal support for independence.

Yeah. Now, where did that come from? Because it says on an appeal to heaven. Well, it's kind of interesting.

It comes from -- now, this, Stu. Buckle up. Because I'm about to mention a true rattle. And this will tell you everything you know. The phrase appeal to heaven, is an expression of the right. The right of revolution.

And that right of revolution. And the appeal to heaven, comes directly from that outrageous killer, John Locke.

STU: Wow!

That -- you want to talk about a controversial figure. I mean, this is --

GLENN: It's John Locke, right?

STU: If you like John Locke. You might like the enlightenment.

GLENN: Yeah. You might. You might. You might.

STU: And then how far does that go?

GLENN: So let me just -- let me just -- I have more.

Let me just boil this down.

This flag is first assigned as the people tree as trade. It's also a sign of peace among the Indians.

It is then added to that, the appeal to heaven, comes from John Locke.

And what he wrote, in 1690. It was -- was a -- a refute of the theory of the define right of kings.

So, I mean, everybody loves having a king, right?

Sure, of course. So this is an antiking flag. Now, when I say antiking, what I mean is, not necessarily a revolution.

You have a right to a revolution. But here's what this means.

And I quote. Where the body of people or any single man is deprived of their right. Or is under the exercise of a power without right. In other words, the divine right of the kings.

I'm king. So I make up all the rights. Because God tells me. If you were living under an exercise of power without right and have no appeal on earth. Meaning, you can't go to a judge. You can't go to anybody. Because of the divine right of kings!

I have no way to have anyone protect my right. Then you have the liberty to appeal to heaven. Huh.

How very controversial in the United States of America.

Now, let me tell you another reason why I believe Alito has an appeal to heaven, I always interpreted that flag as an appeal to heaven for common sense and for help. Please, Lord, help us.

And it would go right along with an upside down nag. Now, wouldn't it?

We're in distress. Can we please look to God, and beg for his mercy and guidance?

How unbelievably controversial is that? To say, from the people who tell us, democracy is about to be lost. To fly a flag that says, we're a nation in distress.

Now, you may not believe in God. But a lot of us do believe in God. And a lot of us now look at these problems. This distress, and say, there is no other answer, but to appeal to God for mercy and guidance.

So that might be the reason he flew those flags. Also, let me just tell you something else: Do you know what Alito did, a couple of summers back?

Do you know what he did? Do you know, Stu?

STU: I mean, I know it's bad. But, no. I don't know specifically what it is.

GLENN: Yes. It's horrible.

He's the guy that wrote the Dobbs' decision.

STU: Oh, no.

GLENN: Okay. So there's reason number one for the attack.

But also, let's look at it from Alito's point of view.

That decision was leaked, and led to people in the streets, trying to -- in front of their houses. Trying to kill Supreme Court justices.

I think he might also have another reason for saying it's a nation in distress.

Especially, since every single Supreme Court justice knows who leaked the decision.

Every single one of them. Review everybody in the Washington, who is -- who was part of the Supreme Court. Was part of the investigation. They all know who leaked the decision.

But no one paid the price.

If there's no judge, that can judge you on earth, because they're unrighteous, and not doing the things that they're supposed to be doing. Under the Bill of Rights.

You appeal to heaven, and according to that great, scandalous monster, John Locke.

That's your right.

Now, I'm going to take a quick break. And then I'm going to compare him, to someone else. That is, oh, so beloved.

And, of course, they don't like it, they don't like Alito, because his wife new a flag, and there are all these judges.

He would have to recuse himself now from everything.

Because, well, his wife had an opinion. And he flew a flag that sent an appeal to heaven.

Now, let me give you this from 2016.

Donald Trump is a faker. He has no consistency about him. He says whatever comes to his head at the moment. He really has an ego. How has he want to be away with not turning over his taxes?

I can't imagine what this place would be like.

I can't imagine what the country would be, with Donald Trump as our president.

2016, during the election, Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Hmm. That seems like she was involved and nobody was calling for her to recuse herself on anything. 2012, I love this one.

At one point, we talked about the lack of Medicaid funding for abortions for poor women. Because of 1980 Supreme Court decision, called Harris versus McRae.

She then said, that really surprised me. Frankly, I really thought at the time, that Roe was decided where there was a concern about population growth and particularly in the growth of populations, that we don't want to have too many of. So that Roe was then going to be set up for Medicaid abortion for funding.

So here in 2012, Ruth Bader Ginsburg is talking about eugenics, and getting rid of the growth of populations, that we don't want to have too many of.

I wish she was around, so I could ask her: Which population she meant. Is it black? Is it Hispanic?

Is it white? Who do you put in the ovens? Who is it that you sterilize?

Who is it that you wipe out, Ruth Bader Ginsburg?

So don't start with Justice Alito.

And if you want to fix the problem, if you really want to fix the problem, then name the leaker.

But you can't do that. Because I have a feel, it's a Supreme Court justice.

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