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Trump Bucks Now Burning Holes in Our Pockets. But Wait, There’s More.

Millions of Americas woke up this morning with a little more jingle in their pockets. Yes, the Trump Bucks have arrived in most taxpaying American’s bank accounts.

Get ready America! The money is flowin!

Yes, it is nice that American citizens are receiving a small round of gap financing to help with their monthly budget. To HELP with their monthly budget. Keep in mind that, according to LendingTree, the average American home’s monthly expenditures are around $5,100. Now, a family of 4 is receiving around 3,400 Trump Bucks would fall $1,700 short for the month of April even with the Trump Bucks.

For those that have been booted from their jobs by local and state governmental power plays, there is added help. A whopping 600 Trump Buck will be added to their weekly unemployment checks. Now we’re cookin with gas!

That takes the average dual income family of 4 in Arizona to a potential $9,860 per month for the next 4 months. You add the Trump Bucks on top of that and BOOM, we’re all breathing a bit easier.

So, open it up! Let’s get that green light that we have all been waiting for. Open up this economy! Let’s get back to work!

For most hard working Americans, this is more than enough. To Democrats that know only one electoral tactic, buying votes, this is only the tip of the iceberg.

Enter the Emergency Money for the People Act.

You see, to the Democrats, a married couple that is out of work making $30,000 over 4 months while we move on and look for new careers isn’t quite enough. How about an ADDITIONAL $2,000 per month, per American over SIXTEEN YEARS OLD, and an addition $500 per month per child. That means that my family (still employed) would receive $5,000 a month ($60,000/yr). And the money would keep flowing until unemployment levels reach pre-covid levels.

Tell me this, how would unemployment level drop when every American family is being paid to stay at home?

It’s a Socialist Democrat Dream.

So while we are all claiming that Bernie’s demise was because America is not ready for socialism, we are actually just one “Emergency Money for the People Act” away from becoming The Socialist States of America.

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