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Former Fox News Host John Gibson On News, Media, & His New Book

KJP Gets Mad At COVID Question, Fear Runs Rampant In Young People, & Jack Smith's Wife Is a Big Dem

Lots of trust issues in America right now. Jack Smith has been chosen to determine if President Trump should face charges. But, his wife produced a documentary about Michelle Obama and she donated to Joe Biden. Hmmm. At the White House, Karine Jean-Pierre gets mad when asked about COVID's origins and an example of how fearful young Americans are.

We Don't Trust Elections, AOC Blames GOP For Mass Shooting, & World Cup Protest Ridiculousness

Fraud or incompetence? Either way, many Arizonans don't trust the election system. Let's dig into the reality and how to fix it. AOC blames Republicans for a mass shooting in Colorado Springs that targeted an LGBTQ+ bar. Others do too. All while complaining about rhetoric. And the World Cup was denied their arm bands that were 'standing up' for human rights.

The AG Punts On Trump Investigation, Biden Says Buy To Save, & Congressman David Schweikert

Attorney General Merrick Garland is appointing a special prosecutor to determine if charges should be filed against President Donald Trump. We weigh in. President Biden wants you to spend money to save money upgrading your home. And Congressman David Schweikert on what Republicans will do next year when they officially take over the House.

Congressman Schweikert on Debt Challenges Ahead

Fresh off another election victory, Congressman David Schweikert talks about what Republicans will do with their power in the House. And the coming debt crisis. How about an additional $114 trillion in debt coming over the next 20 years. Join us.

The State of America After The Mid-Term Election

Where is America? How is America feeling after a weird mid-term election?

Mike Russell and Rob Hunter weigh in from a non-partisan position. It seems to us that America is very unsure about which direction to go.

What do you think? Join in.

Pelosi Stepping Down, GOP To Investigate Biden, & FTX Ties To Dems Explained

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi won't seek another term in Democratic leader. What is her legacy? The House GOP says they have evidence to investigate Joe Biden because of his ties to his son's foreign business dealings. And catching you up on the FTX crypto collapse and the founder's ties to Democrats.

Trump 2024, Schumer Wants Amnesty, & Health Passports

Donald Trump is in, announcing his run for president in 2024. What will it take to win? Also, Senator Chuck Schumer wants amnesty for all who have come here illegally. And health passports could be coming to a country near you.

The Election Goes On, Texas Declares Invasion, & Inflation

We are continuing to talk about the Arizona election as the media has called the Governor's race for Democrat Katie Hobbs. What does it all mean? We continue to figure it out. The media celebrates inflation 'relief' because inflation came in lower than expected. But, it's still high. And Russian missiles land in Poland, killing two. Biden asks Congress for $37.7 billion to send Ukraine to continue to fight Russia.

Arizona Elections Drag On, Bankrupt Crypto Ties to Dems, & Bezos' Economic Worries

We still don't know who the Arizona governor will be in 2023 as the Arizona election drags on. We take a look at why. A crypto exchange goes bankrupt. The founder has deep money ties to Democrats (and some money to Republicans). And Jeff Bezos has a warning on the economy.