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To Pause AI Or Not

Schweikert on Trump Indictment & Biggest Challenges Facing US

Congressman David Schweikert calls the indictment of Donald Trump 'lunacy.' He also explains the major challenges facing America like Social Security and spending.

Trump Indicted. Is this a guarantee Trump wins reelection?

President Donald Trump has been indicted on 34 counts of falsifying business records. Russell & Hunter analyze what this means for America, for the GOP, and for Trump. Join us.

Hobbs' Press Sec Out, Gun Debate Off Rails, & Everyone Is A Terrorist

A Hobbs staff member had to resign because of a dumb tweet. This is more than just a tweet. This is about how far the left is going to go. Will Glenn Youngkin sneak through and become the GOP nominee in 2024. The media is pushing him. The gun narrative around the school shooting in Nashville continues to get worse and worse as the left finally reveals their true feelings about your gun.

Nashville Shooting, Border Hearing in Senate, NY Times Admits Fauci Lied

The Nashville Police Department response was perfect. The ant-Uvalde. Could this restore policing? Let's talk about that. Also, some think they should be able to pick which people can own firearms and how many they can buy. Even the New York Times has come around. Fauci spread disinformation. Wow.

Not Your Typical Narrative After A School Shooting In Nashville

The narratives have already formed. Truth is they have formed years ago. Gun are good. Guns are bad. We go beyond that today. What would we, as gun owners, do to reduce the number of mass shootings? Plus, American values are changing, Whoopie is done with wokeness, & Biden blames MAGA Republicans for the terrible border.

How To Change Your Mind: From Negative to Positive About Disney

Mike Russell has always been a fan of Disney. Rob Hunter never has been. Until now.

After a trip to Disney World with his family, Rob has changed his mind. He finally understands what Mike has been saying.

The Brewmance talks about what goes into shifting your perspective and how it broadens your perspective.

Rob also received a stem cell therapy. He tells us why he did it.

And New Belgian has changed Fat Tire to a different recipe, which is really, really familiar to Mike.

Join us..

Charles Barkley Slams Politicians, Congressman David Schweikert's Economic Update, & Maine's Migration Problem

Former Phoenix Sun Charles Barkley calls out both parties, all politicians, saying we shouldn't ask anything for them. Iran is stepping up to America. Congressman David Schweikert joins us, asking for whistleblowers to the worst fraud in world history. $400 billion of your children's money stolen in the COVID pandemic spending. Join in.

Schweikert Looks Into COVID Fraud

Democrats came into power. And spent a lot of money in 2021. UP to $400 BILLION of it was stolen. Congressman David Schweikert is investigating where the money went.

Bad TikTok Hearings, Trump Grand Jury Vacation, & New Racism

We think there are more important issues than bringing TikTok's well-prepared CEO in front of Republican Congress. The Trump Grand Jury is off until Monday. Why? Pentagon diversity chief explains new racism. Biden can no longer truthfully say he knew nothing about his son Hunter Biden's overseas business dealings. Sierra Club has new language for you.