Russell & Hunter

Russell & Hunter

Russell & Hunter believe that individual freedom is the foundation of American excellence, that small business is the engine that drives economic...Full Bio

President Trump Gets His First Day In Court

Senator Dianne Feinstein Dies. What The Democratic Party Did To Her.

Congressman Schweikert from the swamp in D.C. discusses a possible government shutdown. Elon Musk visits the southern border.

Food Fight! Post Debate Coverage

Food Fight! Post Debate Coverage. Who did well in last nights debate? Republicans hold first hearing in Biden impeachment inquiry.

Bill O'Reilly Joins the show

Bill O'Reilly joins the show and takes on cancel culture. Where is the line we are drawing on immigration and crime?

Joe Biden Joins The UAW Picket Line

Joe Biden joins the UAW picket line. The first time an American President to do so. What will it do to our economy.

Biden's Polling Alarms Dems, The Defense of Bob Menendez, & What Are We Buying In Ukraine

President Joe Biden's polling keeps getting worse and worse. A new poll says Donald Trump would easily beat him if the election were held today. Bob Menendez won't resign from the Senate. Democrats are figuring out to get out of this. Want to know what you are paying for in Ukraine?

The Office Of Gun Violence Prevention, Congressman Schweikert, Best Of The Left

The White House creates the office of gun violence prevention. Kamala Harris, VP, is going to run it. Best of the left. Some Democrats are coming around on migration being a crisis. Congressman David Schweikert joins us to update on the Hunter Biden/Joe Biden investigation.

More $$ For Ukraine, Church of Climate, Best of the Left

Ukraine president or as Mike calls him, 'dictator-tot,' is in D.C. asking for more money. Mike Russell doesn't like this idea. Rob thinks we are stuck. Enter the Church of Climate today for more fear. And the best of the left: GOP women don't count as women and abortion defense.

Garland Testifies, DHS Hires Spy Chiefs, Biden Violated 1st A

Attorney General Merrick Garland testified today in front of the House Judiciary Committee. Listen to all of his avoidance and dancing. The Department of Homeland Security has brought in spied who misled about Hunter Biden's laptop in as consultants. A court says team Biden 'likely violated the First Amendment' during the pandemic.

Church of Climate Change, Congressman Biggs To Question Mayorkas, & Best Of The Left

Church of climate change welcomes all today. There is plenty of fear to spread around. Congressman Andy Biggs will be questioning Attorney General Merrick Garland about the weaponization of his department. Plus best of the left on COVID and making it super easy to vote.