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Tempe is WOKE! Says Goodbye to Chief of Police

The Left has found a way to completely transform policing in this country.

After George Floyd’s death, the cries to defund the police were heard in major cities across the nation. However, politicians quickly learned that defunding the police was not polling very well.

A new tactic had to be initiated. A tactic that would bring radical change without all of the bad press and polling.

The Left decided to localize.

You know how the old saying goes, “If you can’t beat ‘em, get your Mayors and city councils to force the resignations of their respective Police Chiefs.” Yes, I took some creative license there but you get the point.

Good, hard working, dedicated police chiefs across the nation have been resigning every week. This week, Tempe Chief of Police, Sylvia Moir.

Yes, instead of celebrating Tempe’s first female Chief of Police, they ran her out with just a few statements from Tempe leadership.

City manager Andrew Ching penned half-hearted boilerplate statement that read, “Chief Moir has dedicated her professional life to Tempe for nearly five years. That time and care devoted to our community is deserving of sincere thanks. I am grateful for her service to the Tempe Police Department.” 

Insert eye roll here.

Not to be out yawned, Mayor Corey Woods added, “Chief Moir served the residents of Tempe well. She cares deeply for our community members and Tempe Police employees, and she has worked tirelessly to move our department forward. I have truly enjoyed working with her and wish her all the best.” 

In other words, “Glad she’s gone. Onward to Social Justice!”

Mayor Woods will now assemble a Public Safety Advisory Board that will examine data, policies, hiring, use of technologies, training, and how the city engages with people who are black, Indigenous and people of color, and those with mental health challenges.

This will be coupled with the city’s new The Right to Breathe initiative. The Right to Breathe initiative’s goal is to “bridge the gap of opportunity for its youth of color and those in vulnerable communities.”

And there it is. With Chief Moir out of the way, Tempe leadership can appoint an “interim Chief” that won’t stand in the way of their new “Woke” agenda.

It’s an effective strategy that is playing out in city after city, week after week.

The party of lawlessness, riots, and violent protest has found a way to complete neuter our nation’s police forces right in front of our eyes.

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