State Farm Stadium Turns Into 24/7 Vaccine Center.

Starting Monday, State Farm Stadium in Glendale will operate as a 24/7 vaccination center. Why? The COVID vaccine has been slowly rolled out across Arizona.

Maricopa County is moving into Phase 1B.

Phase 1B means protective service workers, teachers, other school employees, child care workers and everyone over the age of 75 are eligible.

In a statement, Dr. Cara Christ said, “As we move into a much larger population of Arizonans prioritized for the vaccine, the state is working 24/7 with our local partners to get more doses into the arms of those who need them,” Dr. Christ added, “By combining state resources with the support and expertise of fantastic partners, we can get many more doses out of freezers and into the community.”

Also from the press release:

The State Farm Stadium site will open the afternoon of Monday, January 11 for law enforcement and other protective service workers, and appointments for others in Phase 1B and Phase 1A will be available starting Tuesday, January 12. Registration information for the site will be posted Monday morning at