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Pillow Talk Could Be Valuable In The Pelosi Household.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's husband Paul runs a venture capital and real estate firm. The Washington Times estimates the Pelosi's net worth to be $114 million. No doubt, Mr. Pelosi is a skilled investor.

But, what does he know about the inner workings of government contracts?

Paul Pelosi purchased $10 million worth of Microsoft stocks on March 19th. Two weeks later on March 31st Microsft was awarded a defense contract worth $21.8 billion.

Timing is everything as they say.

Coincidently, Paul Pelosi also purchased $1 million in Tesla stock a few weeks before President Biden signed an executive order saying the federal government would be replacing all their gas-powered vehicles with electric ones.

The Tesla stock has increased 21% since Pelosi's purchase. Microsoft's stock price is up 12% since that purchase.

The Washington Times raises more timing questions.

In late February, after Mrs.Pelosi received a private coronavirus briefing, Mr.Pelosi paid up to $3.3 million to buy technology stocks, including Slack Technologies, which makes messaging software that exploded as people started to work from home.

Maybe there's something here. Maybe there's not. But, shouldn't the intrepid reporters in Washington start asking questions?

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