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Oh Look, The Media Got Something Else Wrong.

The corporate media thinks of themselves as the 'fourth estate,' here to protect American democracy. Protect democracy against power hungry politicians. However, during the Trump Administration the corporate media took a massive turn away from being the fourth estate into advocating against President Trump.

Doing so caused them to develop major blind spots. While they were ranting about all of President Trump's lies, they too were lying about stories or failing to investigate them fully.

During protests in Washington, D.C. a few days after George Floyd was killed in Minneapolis, a fire was set at St. John's church. The church is across the street from the White House. As protesters were cleared from the area, the day after the fire President Trump walked out of the White House and held up a Bible while standing in front of St. John's.

The running media narrative was President Trump and/or Attorney General Bill Barr ordered the protesters to be cleared away for Trump's 'photo op.' Turns out, the media narrative is wrong.

From Axios:

U.S. Park Police (USPP) and assisting law enforcement did not clear peaceful protesters from outside the White House last year so then-President Trump could pose for a photo in front of a nearby church, according to a government watchdog report released Wednesday.

Oops. Apparently, the Park Police were planning on clearing the crowds hours before they knew the President was going to walk out of the White House and go to the Church.

This just the latest in a string of ignored truths so the talking media heads could make Trump look bad.

Most of the media ignored any Hunter Biden story. Not just the stories about Hunter's business ties to Russia, China, and other countries, but stories about his constant use of a racial slur in texts with his attorney.

The 'fourth estate' downplayed and dismissed the COVID-19 lab leak theory for no other reason than Trump said it. Many of the talking head former journalists have admitted that in recent days. CNN's Chris Cuomo said this week we are wasting time on the lab leak theory. Why? Because it makes him and his other collaborates look bad.

Also, this week we learned the U.S. Capitol Police has intelligence some 'Trump supporters' were planning to storm the Capitol building. The intelligence arm didn't share enough information with the rest of the force. Information that could have helped prevent the breach on January 6th. Not only did the apitol Police miss the story, so did the media because they are addicted to Trump outrage.

They blamed Trump for the Capitol breach because of his 'rhetoric.' If we follow the same logic, what dangers has their 'rhetoric' caused based on their anti-Trump addiction? Tough to say, but even they would have to admit if they are being honest, they have sewn more division and fear into America than any other time in recent American history.

Doing so has eroded trust not only in the 'fourth estate,' but the United States as a whole. The only way for the corporate media to restore trust is for them to form and join a Trump Anonymous group and attend TA meetings to help them with their addiction.

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