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Olympian Who Hates The Anthem, Loved The Flag A Few Years Ago.

Hating America is in style right now. Everywhere you look there is the conversation around 'systemic racism' and 'white supremacy.' Somehow in the past few years, America has gone from the 'Home of the Brave' to the worst country on Earth.

This isn't to say there aren't problems in America worth solving, but you can clearly see how performative 'activism' is becoming. Olympian Gwen Berry recently made headlines by turning her back on the National Anthem saying The Star-Spangled Banner is racist.

Though it was just a few years ago she proudly held up the American Flag. See.

We live in an attention age where many people will say or do whatever they can to grab headlines. Berry is no different. This started after former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick took a knee during the National Anthem to protest policing in America. Soon after that, there were all kinds of wannabes, including Berry.

Without her 'protest' she'd just be another Olympic athlete. She was able to get attention this way, the same way BMX rider Chelsea Wolfe did when she said her goal was to win gold at the Tokyo Olympics so she could burn the American Flag.


If you notice the criticisms from athletes like Wolfe and Berry they are centered around generic claims. They never offer any solutions, only gripes. That shows you right there what this is all about. It's a show.

At least Kaepernick discussed his protest at length, agree or not. Berry and Wolfe, neither of you are in the same league as Kaepernick.

Especially given the Olympic trials are solely about performance. Not race. Not politics. Nothing but results. Results used to matter. Not anymore because everything has become political in an attempt to get attention.

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