Knock Knock. Who's There? The Government.

The Biden Administration seems perplexed their public guilt trips haven't convinced enough Americans to get their COVID vaccine shots. In order to reach herd immunity where the coronavirus has a difficult time spreading they need at least 70% of Americans to get vaccinated in theory.

President Biden's communication skills couldn't get the job done. So, he's come up with a new plan that includes going door-to-door to tell people more about the shots. White House Spokesperson Jen Psaki tried to explain why they are sending people to knock on your door. Watch.

Talk about seizing the moral high ground. 'What we are trying to do here, as the federal government, is to protect people and save lives,' said Psaki. Is the shot the only way to 'protect people and save lives?' She certainly thinks so.

Oh, that's beside the belittling fact she thinks people are stupid.

We're curious what talking points door knockers would bring with them.

Do you want to find out?

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