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Biden's Boring Press Conference On His Failure In Afghanistan.

Finally, President Joe Biden held a press conference about Afghanistan.

This comes after his decision to withdraw American Forces from the war-torn country. His decision left thousands of Americans behind. It also left thousands of Afghani's who helped American Troops over the years behind.

First, his statement and press conference was incredibly boring. There's no pizzaz to Biden. Certainly not anymore.

Second, Biden lied.

The president said, 'we have no indication that (Americans) haven't been able to get in Kabul through the airport. We've made an agreement with the Taliban, thus far. They've allowed them to go through, it's in their interests to allow them to go through. So, We know of no circumstance where American citizens, carrying an American passport are trying to get through to the airport.'

Meanwhile, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin told lawmakers the opposite was true.

From Politico:

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin told lawmakers Friday that Americans trying to leave Afghanistan have been beaten by Taliban fighters, according to several people who participated in a briefing call with Austin and other top officials.

Third, Biden thinks this decision, despite it being a disaster, is a win for him long-term. Biden said, 'there will be plenty of time to criticize and second guess when this operation is over, but now...now, I'm focused on getting this job done.'

However, the job you are focused on, Mr. President, is because of your disastrous decision.

Finally, you witnessed that Biden is a forever cover his a-- politician. He's always thinking politically. To think politically is to think survival. One's career depends on it. Biden has survived 50-years in Washington because of it.

His Afghanistan decision, leaving Americans behind, may be too much, even for him.

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